Maren Birk
Heart. Romance. Suspense.
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Shot Through the Heart

Runaway Wife
Shot through the Heart (2019)
Although Rori Cross has been restless, she has never wanted to enter another relationship…until now. 

Something about smooth-talking Guy Matthews makes Rori want to forget past hurts, current stalkers, and her constant worry over her still grieving father. 

Rori is gun-shy when it comes to relationships, and she isn’t ready for Guy Matthews, editor of an elite gun magazine based in Wyoming. A lover of romance novels, rock-n-roll, and a secret craving for all things pink, Rori the woman and Rori the police woman are at odds with each other when Guy Matthews shows up on the gun range with a proposal in mind.
Guy has never met a woman like Rori and soon his thoughts are on more than a contract for her to represent his magazine during competitions. Guy starts falling for her, but soon they are stalked by Rori’s ex-partner. Will they be able to survive long enough to let each other know how they feel?
Shot through the Heart
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Runaway Wife (2019)
Runaway wife... 

Billionaire husband.. 

She must leave in order to save her family. 

Engineer Gabriela Ruiz de Alvarez’s abusive past catches up to her. She has been running since she was a teen and her time just ran out. Can she save her family in time? 

Investment trader Maximo Alvarez Estrada’s perfect wife calmly walked out of the life they had built together in southern Spain. Finding her was a must, but will Max ever forgive her for not trusting him?
Runaway Wife
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Maren lives on twelve acres with her husband and dog. She enjoys taking walks, traveling, writing and reading.
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